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De-risking strategies that work for your organization

In order to manage volatility, reduce the size of pension obligations, and lower administrative costs (like PBGC premiums), plan sponsors can implement a variety of de-risking strategies. Each step involves a thoughtful and detailed cost-benefit analysis for the organization, while considering the impact on the participant. Harper Danesh has the experience to help you analyze which approaches are best for your organization and the ability to carry out each strategy from analysis to execution, including:

  • Plan freeze and replacement plan design
  • Lump sum windows
  • Annuity buy-outs
  • Liability-driven investment strategies
  • Borrowing to fund
  • Plan termination

Once the decision has been made to terminate your plan, we have the experience necessary to take you from start to finish, beginning with the initial financial analysis and ending with the annuity provider selection process. For more detail on the steps to plan termination, download our infographic:

infographic of Plan De-Risking

For information on the steps to plan termination, download our infographic.

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